Thursday, 4 June 2009

MAC Style Warriors Haul

Style Warriors Haul!

The packaging and the presentation of this collection is gorgeous!!! See pictures below for some product photo and some swatches=]

I didn't swatch everything since the internet is full of swatches for this collection already. At the end, I end up getting both of the Beauty Powders in On A Mission and Eversun, Bright Future and Solar Force e/s (eyeshadow), Sunsational l/s (lipstick) which is Luurrveeee! and Brave New Bronze which is a Satin and has a drying texture to it, therefore priming or moisturizing your lip is a must before application and lastly, Liberated l/g (lipglass/lipgloss) which is a sheer true yellow lipgloss with shimmer and I love this on top of sunsational l/s...! The damage for a student like me was bad¬¬ I ate right after I left MAC, I needed FOOD THERAPHY!!! for the damage!=/ lol! And I also had a quick look at the lustre drops and all I can say is that they are tinyyyyyy.. LOL! The size kinda put me off and so I moved on, to eyeshadows. "Vibrant Grape" was so difficult to swatch, the colour was stuck on my finger and would not swatch on the back of my hand, tempting and night manoeveurs e/s which I didnt get to swach are part of the permanent line, I am certain about Tempting, being part of MAC permanent line but as for Night Manoeveurs Im actually not sure, but it doesnt have the death mark (black triangle) on the website...hmmm..=/ I still have to play around with the blushes, Im not really sure if I like them but considering how disheartening MAC's refund policy is here in UK, I guess I just have to like it!!! lol! That's all for now ladies, let me know which ones you are getting???

Style Warriors:YAY or NAY??? YAYYY!=]

With Love, Today and Always


  1. i really love the packaging, i just with i loved the colours more. i think most of the lip colours are really hard to pull off with my skintone so i had ti give them a miss! x

  2. Definate Yay. I love this collection, especially the beauty powders! x

  3. cool hual, im going shoppin for style warriors 2moz, cant wait, just became a follower, check ouy my blog

  4. Love what you got...will be interesting to see how the eyeshadows look. Great blo, come check out mine sometime x

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