Sunday, 31 May 2009

Gladiators reminds me of Jesus..

These are the gladiators which I bought from work today, these gladiators comes in Black, Pewter and Tan which is pictured below. I was torn between the Pewter and Tan and ended up going for the Tan one since its more summery looking! These are Dune’s Top Sellers by the way and just for those who are interested they are called Daquiri and their retail for £55. They have a zip at the back which gives you a snug fit, a little wedge to give more comfort and a cool strappy designs at the front which really does remind me of Jesus and the apostles =) So what do you guys think?

With Love, Today and Always


yes, ladies Im talking about a very very big surprise (well for me anyway...) which my generous boyfriend had given me =) But first of all, I hope everyone had a great weekend, the sun is shining bright and Im sure everyone has been enjoying the lovely weather, as for me "the usual scenario" stuck at work serving people with stinky feet. lol! as you guys have probably gathered I work in a shoe shop, to be precise at Dune =)

anyhu, onto my story! So my dear boyfriend came to pick me up from work today just like a normal sunday but this time he asked me to close my eyes. (hmmm I was like It might be a bag full of MAC!! "yeey!" since MAC Pro is around the corner from my work..=P). Little did I know huh? as soon as I opened my eyes and saw a medium sized brown bag that says "LOUIS VUITTON"!! I felt a huge grin working its way up to my temples! hahahah! I was like "OMG are you kidding me??!!" lol! Although I anticipated a Louis Vuitton Bag for my birthday, but this is wayyy to early!!! LOL! I asked him what brought this on and he replied "I got bored waiting!" then I was like "you should get bored more often!! =P" So, that's my little story for you guys, My birthday is on the 18th of this month and Im still hoping to receive another present from him=P LOL! Pictures below! Warning Pictures: HEAVY!

He got me the LV Speedy 30 in Damier Canvas "Ebony", although it isn't exactly what I had in mind, because I was hoping for the Monogram Canvas with the LV logo and flowers lol! But since it's very common and you'll see it everywhere you turn, I guess I am glad that the BF got me the Damier Canvas, just because its more different, I guess. I still can'y believe that I am now a proud owner of a speedy 30! lol! It feels as if my eyes are deceiving me! gaah! Anyhu, I'll post a picture with the bag, probably tomorrow. That's all for now ladies. Thank you for dropping by my blog!

With Love, Today and Always,

Friday, 29 May 2009


.Thornton's White Chocolate Collection from my BF dear.

.lamp in nandos.

Mini Haul of Different Kinds=)

During my short stay at our family house in London, I decided to visit Westfield in Sheperd Bush since I haven't been since it was newly opened. I visited MAC and swatched Rose Romance Beauty Powders, trying to convince myself whether I need it or not but luckily I walked away empty handed=) The Beauty Powders are indeed very pretty but it doesnt really show up on my skin when swatched, oh well!! However, I end up diverting my money and attention to something else. WARNING: Pictures: Heavy!

I bought three vests, two colourful/fun vests are from Berskha for £6.90!! and the black vest is from H&M and I think they sell it for £3-4, it comes and other different colours too which I bought for my sisters (not pictured). I also bought Barry M's Nail Paint in Coral Blue and 17 High Gloss in Raspberry Mocha, I was inspired by the lovely Hele's post =). I also went to House of Fraser and bought a Colour Corrector in Peach for £15 which I've been wanting for ages!! Then I went to Beauty Base and impulsively bought Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizer for £15 which Im really not so sure about =/ its got a weird scent and texture. And lastly, my Sister and I went to Inglot and purchased an eyeshadow pallete, she get to choose the colours since I planned to buy it for her as her lil birthday present! 5 eyeshadow pans and a pallette for £15 whereas 3 eyeshadow pans for £11 and you can also vary the palletes by choosing a pan form lipstick or concealer!! I'll post up a picture when I can. That's all for now chicas!

With Love Today and Always

New Moon-Reunion Kiss

Edward Cullen looks yummy! LOL! Hurry up November!! I can't wait to see this movie and I wish they improve the story line this time. The Twilight Movie made me feel embarassed somehow for the real characters of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, there were scenes which made me cringed and feel like "wait, this is not right..its not supposed to be like this..." lol! Anyways, these are some pictures taken from Italy while shooting Bella's and Edward's reunion =)

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Rose Romance Haul

I did not end up getting any of the beauty powders from this collection, why? Because of the devious advertisement skills MAC employs when they release promotional product photos. They made the blushes look so good and 3d when in reality, it's actually almost flat¬_¬. Anyways, I end up picking up two of the lipglasses and lipstick from the MAC pro store in Foubert's place; Virgin's Kiss, Steal My Heart, Rose Romance and Way to Love.

My next trip to MAC was in Colchester High Street with my lovely friend Jenny=) and I brought home Warm Soul Mineralize Blush and Love and Friendship Nail Lacquer. She's my new recruit and she is now officially in love with MAC, I did a little makeover for her whilst we were playing around with make up since all the MU are busy, which I didn't mind. She purchased Warm Soul blush, Odd Couple Mineralize eyeshadow (MAC have recently re-launched this, hopefully as a part of their permanent line) and Rags To Riches Dazzleglass from the recent Double Dazzle Collection.

I am sorry about the quality of the pictures, will improve soon once I get myself a proper camera.=)

Love and Friendship Nail Lacquer from the Rose Romance Collection, a dirty lavender colour. On the tips is On the Prowl from Hello Kitty Collection. (Excuse the messy nails) Below is a close up of Warm Soul Mineralize Blush, It is described as "Mid toned beige with gold pearl by MAC" but it is nowhere near beige. MAC's website description is never accurate¬_¬ LOL! I wasn't so sure about this in the beginning but now I have learned to love it. It gives my face an allover-awake colour as oppose to my Peaches blush from MAC which makes me superrrr tan and dark, idk why. That's it for now ladies.

With Love, Today & Always,


.The Flower Bed.

.The Beautiful Sky.

.and Random Poster posted all over my Uni today.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Official Poster of Twilight Saga: "New Moon"

Image Credit: Summit Entertainment

The Official poster of the Second part of the Twilight Saga; New Moon has recently been released, featuring the three biggest star of the sequel; Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison), Bella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner).

The second part of the sequel which illustrated Bella Swan 's pain, loneliness and devastation due to the sudden departure of her love, (and mine too) Edward Cullen Even his name is soooooo dreamy..=P and her new found friendship with Jacob Black.

I don't like the fact that Jacob Black is standing in between Bella and Edward!!! I know that is supposed to represent Jacob's position as Bella's friend during the course of time where Edward was not around. But still, I dislike or hate Jacob from the very first time his name was even mentioned in the book and to prove my sincere sourness towards his character I have skipped all the chapters in New Moon where Bella spent most of her time down in La Push (werewolves territory)!!! grrrr..!!! Enough said. New Moon comes out on the 27th Novemeber in UK, I hope this one shows some improvement =)

With Love today & always

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mystery Picture

Have you seen me before?

"In & Out"

What's In?
  • One Piece anime!
  • MAC Love and Friendship nail laquer(this polish is lurrveee!)
  • MY BURSARY!!!! whoot! top up my bank account!!
  • My commision from work..=) yes we get 1% off every shoes we sell, I know that it doesnt seem a lot but once it all adds up at the end of the month, all of us at work are happy campers!
  • My Bodyshop Almond Body Butter; currently 2 for £20
  • my blog!

So what's out?
  • My exams which Im not prepared for..=(
  • Sore legs and feet after work...
  • People's fakery. enough said.
  • My dirty flatmates..=S
  • Breakouts...
  • Boring Essex

With Love, Today & Always,


short, fun, stressful, crazy, LOVING weekend...

  1. Crazy drama
  3. Dinner with my "one&only" =P
  4. Makeover for my sisters
  5. Angie's photoshoot..LOL!

People who was waiting for Sister Act's doors to open...some of which killed their time by pestering me and my colleagues with their sudden urges to try on shoes with no intention of purchase!!!grrrrr..! (most of them we're rude, stuck up tourist with stinky feet!)

After work my boyfriend dear, picked me up from work
and ate in Garfunkelsin Argylle St. & we shared a lovely
profiterol sun
dae for dessert!

*Angie's photoshoot results: (Click me!!!)

Overall, it was a fun weekend but now I have to get back to revision and One Piece! I hope you all had a fun weekend! Take Care Bellas..!

With Love, Today & Always,

Thursday, 14 May 2009

My lovely junk!

My lovely junk; with me 24/7.
studded parfum.railway card.oyster card.hairbands.mac dazzleglass in lovealert.mac blush in stark naked.mac carbon eyeliner.skunk brush.l'oreal voluminous mascara.TBS almond body liquid eyeliner.mac lipstick in way to love.key chain from my sweetheart dear&itouch.


All I want is to be HAPPY. To live a PEACEFUL. life and to be with the people I LOVE...