Sunday, 17 May 2009


short, fun, stressful, crazy, LOVING weekend...

  1. Crazy drama
  3. Dinner with my "one&only" =P
  4. Makeover for my sisters
  5. Angie's photoshoot..LOL!

People who was waiting for Sister Act's doors to open...some of which killed their time by pestering me and my colleagues with their sudden urges to try on shoes with no intention of purchase!!!grrrrr..! (most of them we're rude, stuck up tourist with stinky feet!)

After work my boyfriend dear, picked me up from work
and ate in Garfunkelsin Argylle St. & we shared a lovely
profiterol sun
dae for dessert!

*Angie's photoshoot results: (Click me!!!)

Overall, it was a fun weekend but now I have to get back to revision and One Piece! I hope you all had a fun weekend! Take Care Bellas..!

With Love, Today & Always,

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