Sunday, 17 May 2009

"In & Out"

What's In?
  • One Piece anime!
  • MAC Love and Friendship nail laquer(this polish is lurrveee!)
  • MY BURSARY!!!! whoot! top up my bank account!!
  • My commision from work..=) yes we get 1% off every shoes we sell, I know that it doesnt seem a lot but once it all adds up at the end of the month, all of us at work are happy campers!
  • My Bodyshop Almond Body Butter; currently 2 for £20
  • my blog!

So what's out?
  • My exams which Im not prepared for..=(
  • Sore legs and feet after work...
  • People's fakery. enough said.
  • My dirty flatmates..=S
  • Breakouts...
  • Boring Essex

With Love, Today & Always,

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