Thursday, 21 May 2009

Rose Romance Haul

I did not end up getting any of the beauty powders from this collection, why? Because of the devious advertisement skills MAC employs when they release promotional product photos. They made the blushes look so good and 3d when in reality, it's actually almost flat¬_¬. Anyways, I end up picking up two of the lipglasses and lipstick from the MAC pro store in Foubert's place; Virgin's Kiss, Steal My Heart, Rose Romance and Way to Love.

My next trip to MAC was in Colchester High Street with my lovely friend Jenny=) and I brought home Warm Soul Mineralize Blush and Love and Friendship Nail Lacquer. She's my new recruit and she is now officially in love with MAC, I did a little makeover for her whilst we were playing around with make up since all the MU are busy, which I didn't mind. She purchased Warm Soul blush, Odd Couple Mineralize eyeshadow (MAC have recently re-launched this, hopefully as a part of their permanent line) and Rags To Riches Dazzleglass from the recent Double Dazzle Collection.

I am sorry about the quality of the pictures, will improve soon once I get myself a proper camera.=)

Love and Friendship Nail Lacquer from the Rose Romance Collection, a dirty lavender colour. On the tips is On the Prowl from Hello Kitty Collection. (Excuse the messy nails) Below is a close up of Warm Soul Mineralize Blush, It is described as "Mid toned beige with gold pearl by MAC" but it is nowhere near beige. MAC's website description is never accurate¬_¬ LOL! I wasn't so sure about this in the beginning but now I have learned to love it. It gives my face an allover-awake colour as oppose to my Peaches blush from MAC which makes me superrrr tan and dark, idk why. That's it for now ladies.

With Love, Today & Always,


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  2. cute haul!! I got the MAC blush of youth beauty powder, I have to load up quite alot of product just to even see a twinge of colour on my cheeks!! I think I shall stick to NARS!!

  3. @sugar dolly! i know they're really pretty but their application sucks! LOL! hey wt happened to yur blog? I was tryna go on it but it says how its no longer avail..=/

  4. Hi Eloise, yu have a great blog! dnt we'll spread the word for you and feel free to follow mine to if you want! more power to yu!xxx