Friday, 29 May 2009

Mini Haul of Different Kinds=)

During my short stay at our family house in London, I decided to visit Westfield in Sheperd Bush since I haven't been since it was newly opened. I visited MAC and swatched Rose Romance Beauty Powders, trying to convince myself whether I need it or not but luckily I walked away empty handed=) The Beauty Powders are indeed very pretty but it doesnt really show up on my skin when swatched, oh well!! However, I end up diverting my money and attention to something else. WARNING: Pictures: Heavy!

I bought three vests, two colourful/fun vests are from Berskha for £6.90!! and the black vest is from H&M and I think they sell it for £3-4, it comes and other different colours too which I bought for my sisters (not pictured). I also bought Barry M's Nail Paint in Coral Blue and 17 High Gloss in Raspberry Mocha, I was inspired by the lovely Hele's post =). I also went to House of Fraser and bought a Colour Corrector in Peach for £15 which I've been wanting for ages!! Then I went to Beauty Base and impulsively bought Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizer for £15 which Im really not so sure about =/ its got a weird scent and texture. And lastly, my Sister and I went to Inglot and purchased an eyeshadow pallete, she get to choose the colours since I planned to buy it for her as her lil birthday present! 5 eyeshadow pans and a pallette for £15 whereas 3 eyeshadow pans for £11 and you can also vary the palletes by choosing a pan form lipstick or concealer!! I'll post up a picture when I can. That's all for now chicas!

With Love Today and Always


  1. I'm new follower on your blog. Just to tell you, I'll follow it if you want. Bookmanie.

  2. Hi Bookmanie=) thanks for following my blog, I'll work hard to improve it more since I get really inspired to know that people actually visit my blog..Thank you again!it means a lot!xxx